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Comission Info

Thinking of a getting your fursona turned into a cute little plush ?

Or perhaps a new dragon to guard your hoard of books?

This page has my terms & conditions and general info!

Got a question I didn't answer below, just send me a message !

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Terms & Conditions for Commissions

This is what you need to read before submitting your commission form!

- A quick note before the onslaught of info, I might not make your character if they dont suit my style, or are simply way to complex (e.g - A rainbow lion will a full mane of faux fur in 7 shades with zebra markings on the body, and one wing on the left side that's cut in half, and wearing a T-Shirt with "Hollywood" embroidered on it)

That was an oddly specific example that I just thought of, so enjoy that bizarre mental image!



My pricing is taking the materials, sewing, cutting, and my time into consideration, if your plush has a large number of hand sewn features keep this in mind that it does take quite a bit of time to sew all these little pieces together, hence the price I’ve quoted you



Feel free to ask me for a free quote, simply fill out the form on the home page! 

If you have an OC please send a ref sheet, no shading just nice flat colours, side view / left and right if there’s markings on one side and make sure to tell me exactly which side these are on!



 I use AUD (Australian Dollars) for all my sales. Once you have agreed to the quoted payment,

I will create a custom listing for you on my website with half the amount quoted -

this is your 50% deposit - this excludes the postage / shipping cost as that is added onto the last payment where you address will be needed at the checkout.


After the 50% deposit is made I will get your plush started! I will also double confirm everything with you, to ensure your plush is finished in a timely manner. 

I will personally give you a time frame for your plush completion, as a guide I’m using the standard of 3 weeks for any plush to be made and posted to you! 


Example - Your plush costs $200, and your located within Australia the first payment is $100 aud and the last payment is $100 plus the postage at the checkout 

Postage Costs for standard sized plushies-

For Australia these prices are $14 with tracking of course!

International Postage Cost - Standard sized plushies-

USA - Starting at $26

UK - Starting at $26

NZ - Starting at $14 

If the plush is a bit more on the heavier side (weighted or just extra girthy) I will weight them and give you a quote on the postage cost, also if the post cost less then the amount paid I will refund you the difference :)

❌Change of Mind / Cancellations ❌

Change of mind after you have paid your deposit, I allow up to 24 hours for you to change minor things on your plush, nothing major I will charge an excess for the more time you’ve added onto your plush (especially if I’ve gone and done an entire pattern / design and you want to change the pose ect.) 



I will accept a full cancellation if you have circumstances that you need to do indeed need to cancel, this must be done as soon as possible

If I’ve already put hours into your plush / used materials you will receive a partial refund accounting for the materials I’ve used / my time 


Plush Progress 

So your getting excited about your custom and want to see how they are going? 

Well that’s fantastic, on my Instagram I’ll post photos of them being made and you will also get exclusive updates via Facebook message or Instagram messages depending on where we have had a chat! 

Are your commissions always open / available?

No they aren't always open, I will update the banner on the top of website when they are open or closed, this is just due to personal health (some weeks are great and I'm keen to start a commission, other weeks it's shit and I don't feel up to sewing) 

🏳️‍🌈Pride Plushies 🏳️‍🌈

Will I make a plush themed after your pride flag…?

Absolutely! There’s really no question, I’m more than happy to incorporate your flag colours into your plush!

A note about hair -

Plush hair is the bane of my existence, my invisible wall in a game, my ultimate villain. I usually refuse to make characters with insane hair, since I just haven't mastered this skill- and my sanity making hair from faux fur or minky is seriously strained and mentally I'm not okay sewing it (yes feel free to laugh I do while sewing it and swearing at it)


⛔️What I will not Make⛔️

Anything related to or about - Racial Discrimination, religious figures in an offence way, extremist groups / propaganda, anything I personally deem offensive to another race, sexual orientation, sexual / underaged suggestive content. 

I am not cool with anyone bullying or harassment in any type especially in the plush form.

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