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About Me!

Welcome to my chaotic and colourful website!

I'm Ashley a level 25 plush maker in Australia who started sewing in 2018 and haven't stopped since!

There's a pic of my face on the left so you know I'm a human, 

I don't really take a lot of selfies so enjoy the content!

I have two pet snakes, Peach & Link who are both adorable, and when I'm not sewing, or reading fan fiction I'm most likely watching a Marvel movie (with Loki in it of course!)

I love making dragons they are my favourite creatures and of course making them in a soft plush is just extremely fun to do!

Want to say hello? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions asked on my Instagram or tic tok so here's some answers so I don't go insane from typing the same reply over and over again :)

Do you take commissions?

- Yes. Yes I do, however they need to be something I can actually create while keeping some sanity.

What can I have commissioned?

- See the home page for the example plushies that can be custom made to your character or just a simple colour swap

Why does your items say "Pattern By" in the description?

- I handmake all my plushies, the pattern is purchased from a talent pattern creator and I love to leave their name on my listings so people can check their work out, and even purchase the pattern and make a plush for themselves!

- Also pattern making drives me insane, and I need some sanity... So I purchase patterns!

Are your commissions always open / available?

-No they aren't always open, I will update the banner on the top of website when they are open or closed, this is just due to personal health (some weeks are great and I'm keen to start a commission, other weeks it's shit and I don't feel up to sewing) 

Where's the information about a custom plush ?

- Check out this link here

What currency is your website?

- AUD - Australian Dollars

Do you take payment plans?

- No, I don't take payment plans, however I do have Afterpay!

Is your home smoke free and animal free?

- No smoke, I'm asthmatic! As for animals I do have two dogs, however I do try to keep them away from my sewing space as I'm allergic to dogs (How weird is that!) So if you do find a stray dog hair on a plush it's from Luna or Lilly!

Can I pay in USD ?

 No, sorry I am in Australia and all my prices are in AUD, at the checkout your payment method will automatically convert currencies for you :)

What fabric are you using?

- Minky, lots of minky fabric and sometimes Faux fur!

What type of sewing machine do you use? 

- A Bernina B770 QE Plus & the embroidery unit - Her name is Valkyrie and she is a beast.

Do not send me the following, it is extremely rude and no one is entitled to anything for free, but sadly I get people asking all the time this question...

- I'm 12 and can't afford a plush but I really want one, can you give one to me as a gift?

... How about NO. No freebies, no handouts, I don't care if your parents won't buy you a pony or a plush wait until your older and start working and have adult money to spend :)

I have $50 and what commission can I get on my budget ?

My prices are listed as the starting price, I put my prices on them for a reason - This is the cost for a plush, if you have a low budget you will need to save more or go elsewhere, I will not make you a $250 plush for $50 that wouldn't even cover the materials

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